Integrated Strategy and Creative

From Print to Facebook, we cover the entire consumer journey. Not just with disparate tactics disguised as “integrated marketing”, but with work that is connected creatively and technologically. The latter point is key since the world moving towards digital immersion. We believe it is crucial for brands to be able to continue the conversation. From one platform to another. No redundancy. No frustrations. Just simple and coherent execution.

Digital Marketing Strategists

You may have the best looking website on the internet. However, do you ask yourself, “Why am I not generating sales?” We’ll dig deep into your analytics, moreover we will review and recommend how to optimize your layouts. This will help increase conversions and repeat customers. Most importantly, we’ll review your competitors and determine where their strengths are. We find out where the traffic is coming from and how to leverage your brand in the process.

Platform Builds & Refreshes

Presently, we create everything from complex websites through to immersive digital experiences. Everything we build is optimized for any screen. We make our site to rank in organic searches. In addition, many of our clients take advantage of our adaptation and localization services. Our rates are competitive and well below agency billable pricing.

Web Development

Looking to rebrand? Well, a website refresh is always an effective start. Our designers will construct an effective and captivating site for your team. Once the site is complete, we will sit down with your team and offer lectures. We will teach your team how to maintain the site there after. Costs? Well, we fit all budgets at any rate.

Graphic Design

With over 10 years of experience spanning the creation of complete brands as well as creating the small stuff that engages users. In fact , our designers and directors are highly knowledgeable in all trends. Our work is created with a healthy obsession for typography and a genuine passion for design. Actually, we love building the user experience. We handle all areas of design, print and digital. Heck, we can even set up a branding guideline for your company in the process.

Digital Lab

We explore emerging technologies and seek new technology partners. Whether it’s building apps for Google or experimenting with the latest in wearable tech; we are self-professed technophiles who love to make things. We use our Digital Lab to provide ongoing thought leadership to our clients by bringing in innovation to all of our clients.

Analytics and ROI Analysis

Data crunched and synthesized with full action plans. It’s how we drive your business forward and ensure success. Everything we do is measured, tracked and optimized with our in-house data team. For this reason, it helps to crunch the data.

Social Media Integration

We have some of the best content creators in-house. They are social media experts who not only understand the social space and all its tentacles, but also understand branding and the importance of a digital presence. They monitor as well as create compelling content that motivates engagement. We know how to amplify it to create maximum impact in real-time. Another bonus, we use social media analytics to assist in a cohesive integration of branding and media.

Brand Development

Whether you want to build a brand from scratch or put another one in front of new customers. Make sure you handle it with care. Moreover than a logo, a brand is both a personality and a manifesto. Every branding strategy is built upon insight. How do your targeted consumers make product decisions? What do they like? What do they value? Gaining a thorough understanding of the company, the brand and all of your target audiences provides the insight we need to execute accurately.

Strategy and Development

All things considered, we believe in building experiences that are personal, intuitive and functional. Whether it’s a mobile application, tablets or a responsive platform, we have extensive experience creating products that are built to last. Our strategies are unique, innovative and effective. In fact , we conduct the required industry analysis moreover we develop multi tiered phased implementation plans. Think of it as a choose your own adventure for marketing plans.


Companies don’t drive growth, customers do. Ordinary consultants are not equipped to exploit the customer needs, perceptions and motivations. However, these are critical to driving growth. At Proximity, we combine a pragmatic, operationally-focused approach with an understanding of customer needs. We have discovered how to drive demand early in the growth. Which allows us to uncover hidden opportunities. Above all, this allows us to pursue them faster and more effectively.

The difference? Proximity uncovers hidden opportunities that accelerate demand. For instance, we work across traditional boundaries and unlock new growth potential.  It’s how we make products more relevant. Shopping experiences more engaging. Sale leads and marketing brands thus become, more meaningful. Proximity uses an effective 3 step process: Brainstorm, Research and Create.

We specialize in digital marketing analysis and web development. Our team can not only design, redesign and set up your website. Next, we will also orchestrate a social media campaign to give results. Furthermore, we can extend our design skill sets into print collateral. Need a fully comprehensive campaign that spans across all media forms? Above all, we focus on your needs.


Once we have set up your team with all the tools for success, we will teach them how to maintain and update the content for you. Moreover, we offer a wide array of instructional tools to ensure your team is fully equipped to tackle any future obstacles. Don’t worry, if you ever need our help, we are just an email, phone call or instant message away.