Hamilton Health Sciences – Best Care for All


Hamilton Health Sciences


Strategy Analysis, Branding, Web Development


2012 – 2014




With Hamilton Health Sciences, our goal was to establish a new brand identity to coincide with the release of their new vision: Best Care for All.

In addition, we had the opportunity to design the Visions, Mission and Value new plaque that will stand the test of time within the halls of the HHS. These samples include some of the collateral we produced. The HHS team was great and we loved working with all the various departments. upon completion of our contract we had worked on:

  • Designed the New HHS Vision and Values Plaque
  • The Office of Strategy Management Strategy Booklet
  • All Visual Collateral for the HHS Semi Annual Leadership Forum
  • The Visual Identity for the First Annual HHS Staff Engagement Film Festival
  • The Employee Development & Engagement Information Booklet
  • Created the PEEPS – Caricatures of the Various Roles within HHS
  • Photography for Special Events
  • Human Resources Intranet Website Development
  • Health and Safety Wellness Intranet Development
  • Instructed the Staff on how to maintain and edit the intranet pages
  • Have a Blast While Helping their HHS Brand

In addition, our team helped in various roles within the HHS hierarchy. Through our tenure we aided in:

  • Developing the 10 year communication plan with a multi-tiered rebranding strategy.
  • Collaborated with site presidents to create visual rebranding of new vision: ‘Best Care for All’.
  • Built frameworks for analytics and communications with emerging technologies and systems.
  • Managed various events for senior leadership forums and staff engagement town hall meetings.
  • Supervised the creation of supporting communication initiatives, including performance benchmarking, scorecard activities and metrics.
  • Orchestrated strategic planning and analytical activities to improve internal communication between departments.
  • Managed, developed, and oversaw digital and print material production for among staff and patients.