Bell Canada: Technical Solutions


Bell Solutions


Web Design, Communication Planning, UX Design


2015 – 2016


Bell Solutions


As a pivotal corporation in Canada, Bell Canada hires over 50,000 staff across all provinces and territories. As part of the talent acquisition efforts, Proximity was asked to consult on internal communications and work with the recruiting team to redevelop their technical solutions site to assist in talent acquisition.

During our consultancy role, Proximity provided guidance to the development of Bell’s Technical Solutions iNet architecture for mobile integration and lead the design team in the implementation and initial concept development phases. As the lead consultants, we executed strategies for internal communications that focused on fostering inclusive engagement amongst all team members and directors.

We collaborated with the recruitment team to design, build and test the new Bell Technical Solutions external and mobile websites. In addition, Proximity developed an analytics platforms for both external website and internal SharePoint site to track conversion and usage statistics, and create quantitative metrics.