5 Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

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As 2016 ended, organizations faced a pivotal shift digital marketing. With revenue a priority for businesses, accelerating inbound marketing becomes a top priority. Emerging technologies continue to evolve while social platforms seem to have a growth factor that cannot be compared. This is the importance of digital. It skyrockets in popularity, and as technologies continue to evolve so do customers. As a result, the marketing activities of organizations also needs to move at light speed to stay relevant with social trends and tastes. Just look at the Pokemon App (50 Million users in less than 10 minutes).

To help keep you in the loop, here are a few digital trends to look out for this year.

1) Wearable mobile devices

There are currently 7.22 billion active mobile devices in the world – that’s more technology in the world than people, so it’s easy to understand the importance of smartphone marketing and its relevance to an organization.

In 2015 the wearables market exceeded $2 billion; this year it is set to hit almost $3 billion and is expected to reach over $4 billion in 2017. Much like the emergence of mobile, brands and businesses will have to develop their websites and platforms to suit the needs of the needs of the average wearable user, and ensure they are optimized for small, more interactive screens to ensure a quality user experience and prompt sales. Of all trends, wearable devices have the largest growth potential. Something to keep an eye on moving forward.

2) Blending Online and Physical Stores

In-store marketing may not sound like a branch of digital marketing, but the relationship between physical and online sales techniques is expected to narrow even more. In a smartphone dominated world, 80% of millennials use their phone in-store and 74% claim to be willing to receive location-based mobile alerts.

For an organization with an optimized mobile strategy, capturing customers in-store through digital techniques will provide an effective means of conversion.

For example, let’s look at Target. The store launched a reward app to present their customers with special offers as they walk through various departments of their stores. Today’s advanced beacon technology makes it easy for marketers to place relevant offers into the hands of their customers.

3) Live Streaming

It’s a fact, 50% of all mobile traffic and this year has seen a huge rise in video sharing, and video content creation, particularly in the realms of social media. There is a dynamic shift in the way people plug into the net. Although, still very much in its infancy, live streaming can reshape the advertising world.

Platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live now make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with their fans and followers in real-time and get their message across by streaming live broadcasts and promoting them in advance, and as people’s thirsts for video stimulation increases, so will the need for live video content.

4) Social Media content

As social media consumption continues to rise and the big players are monopolizing the market. Facebook bought WhatsApp, Twitter purchased Periscope, while businesses and their marketers keep their eyes on how to stay relevant.

One big digital marketing trend that is expected to blow up in the world of social media comes in the form expiring content. Expiring digital content offers brands and businesses a means of cutting through the noise and clutter. One of the pioneers of the expiring content movement is Snapchat. To create a real sense of urgency, the platform gave customers a limited time to read or view content before it disappeared. This consisted of watching 10-second videos that disappear after one view, and then related to other bigger Snapchat stories.

The tactic proved so successful that Instagram copied the model, causing a rivalry between the two platforms. Expiring content is becoming an effective means of brand advertising and it’s set to blow up in 2017 and is a trick not to be missed.

5) Interactive Content


In the current digital landscape, engagement is everything. Compared to 36% for static content, interactive content generates conversions

and engages consumers. In addition, it works as a competitor differentiator and proves effective in educating buyers, no mean feat in a landscape that sees customers turn away from traditional methods of purchasing in favour of online reviews and research.

With digital technology getting more sophisticated all the time, the scope for brands and businesses to engage with consumers is seemingly endless, and it is going to prove even more valuable in 2017.  Interactive can come in many forms, from quizzes and polls to calculators and contests. The question is: which interactive content will you develop to engage with your audience? Food for thought.

Firms need to start planning to gain insight to ensure success for tomorrow’s markets.

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